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Naked Skin VS The Rest - Comparison

When you compare Naked Skin Company IPL laser Treatment to the competition they just don't stack up. With 3 in 1 functionality,  superior technology, quality and performance the choice is simple. CHOOSE NAKED SKIN COMPANY EVERY TIME ! NAKED SKIN At Home IPL Hair Removal Device Competitors At Home IPL Hair Removal Device 400,000 Flashes  4 times the lifespan of competitors IPL devices. Only 100,000 Flashes Less treatments and lamp cannot be replaced. 4.5 cm2 Spot Area Size Efficient and quick hair removal. Save time and effort 3.0 cm2 Irradiation Area Small treatment area i.e. takes longer for treatment. Replaceable Lamp Lamp can be replaced for ongoing use. Fuselage Integration Lamp If machine is damaged it cannot be repaired. 5 Powerful Dual Treatment Modes Control your mode for large areas and sensitive areas. One Treatment Mode Slower treatment time. Multifunction Can provide skin rejuvenation, acne and hair removal treatments. Single Function Can only provide hair removal. Quartz Lamp Stable and durable, effective filtering of UV. Glass Lamp Fragile lamp, short life. Does not protect the skin from harmful UV light.   Digital Is Visible Data at a glance. Know how many flashes you have used on your device. NO LCD The amount of lamp flashes is unknown. Medical Grade Eye Protection Protection to the eyes whilst emitting quick and effective treatment. No Eye Protection Dangerous to intense light, potentially causing damage to eyes.