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Best hair removal laser i have used

My friend was using another brand of hair removal machine and said that it didn't work so i almost didn't buy this. I did some research and apparently the power is really important for effective hair removal. The specs on this machine were by far the best so i took the plunge and purchased it on their sale. I also purchased the acne attachment as i get occasional breakouts. It has been 10 weeks since using this and i have seen a huge reduction in hair growth. The hairs that have grown back take so long to come back and they come back much lighter. The acne attachment is also really good. I had a big pimple that decided to come out a few days before my sisters wedding and i zapped it and within a day there was barely any sign of the pimple. Best money i have spent online in a long time. 


solved my embarrassing facial hair problem

I am not one to leave reviews but i think it is important to let other women who struggle with PCOS that a solution exists. This machine has helped me take control of my unwanted facial and body hair. I just purchased the acne and scar removal attachment and hope they work just as well. I also want to add the customer service from this company is the best i have experienced. Not only did they answer my questions on their chat support but they also went out of their way to explain every finer detail on how the attachments work. I almost bought another device that i have seen many celebrities promoting and i am glad i went with this one instead. Also this one offers 6.8 joules compared to the other one i almost bought which was half that. Hope my review helps other women. 


It works

I’ve been using this for about a month now 2-3 times a week on legs Brazilian and underarms I have seen a huge difference in my legs in some spots I don’t even have hair growing back and everywhere else the hair growth is just slowing down for the minute but I’m sure it will be gone in no time