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Hydralux Cooling Gel
Hydralux Cooling Gel
Hydralux Cooling Gel

Hydralux Cooling Gel


Our Hydralux Cooling Gel is suitable for all skin types and is the perfect post IPL Gel keeping your skin hydrated and fresh. Perfect for anytime of the day, this gel is a lighter, hydrating alternative to day creams. Lightweight oils and hyaluronic acid provide hydration without adding weight to your skin.

Regular use will result in soft, supple and even skin.




Best hair removal laser i have used

My friend was using another brand of hair removal machine and said that it didn't work so i almost didn't buy this. I did some research and apparently the power is really important for effective hair removal. The specs on this machine were by far the best so i took the plunge and purchased it on their sale. I also purchased the acne attachment as i get occasional breakouts. It has been 10 weeks since using this and i have seen a huge reduction in hair growth. The hairs that have grown back take so long to come back and they come back much lighter. The acne attachment is also really good. I had a big pimple that decided to come out a few days before my sisters wedding and i zapped it and within a day there was barely any sign of the pimple. Best money i have spent online in a long time. 


solved my embarrassing facial hair problem

I am not one to leave reviews but i think it is important to let other women who struggle with PCOS that a solution exists. This machine has helped me take control of my unwanted facial and body hair. I just purchased the acne and scar removal attachment and hope they work just as well. I also want to add the customer service from this company is the best i have experienced. Not only did they answer my questions on their chat support but they also went out of their way to explain every finer detail on how the attachments work. I almost bought another device that i have seen many celebrities promoting and i am glad i went with this one instead. Also this one offers 6.8 joules compared to the other one i almost bought which was half that. Hope my review helps other women. 


It works

I’ve been using this for about a month now 2-3 times a week on legs Brazilian and underarms I have seen a huge difference in my legs in some spots I don’t even have hair growing back and everywhere else the hair growth is just slowing down for the minute but I’m sure it will be gone in no time


What does IPL mean?

IPL – “Intense Pulsed Light” is a technology commonly used by cosmetic and medical practitioners for permanent and long-term HAIR REMOVAL. It also effectively performs various skin treatments for aesthetic and therapeutic purposes; including clearing dermatologic diseases such as ACNE (optional purchase); as well as revitalising SKIN REJUVENATION (Anti-aging)


What does our IPL actually do?

The Naked Skin Company IPL Hair Removal System is based on what is called “thermal damage theory”. This is where intense light energy penetrates the skin and targets the melanin in the hair follicle. The raised temperature of your melanin allows the hair cell and follicle to decompose and release your unwanted hair. Regular use of IPL will then further inhibit and prevent future hair regeneration. The ultimate solution to being rid of unwanted hair.


Is there proof that this technology works?

The efficacy and success of the therapy has been acknowledged by dermatologists extensively and has been scrutinised successfully in all clinical, scientific and medical research around the world. The safety and effectiveness of IPL treatment is backed by several worldwide studies, including Dr. David J. Goldberg's (USA) research published in 2012 in the Journal of Clinical and Aesthetic Dermatology. The Naked Skin Company handset achieves painless, faster and effective results whilst optimizing personal treatment in the privacy and comfort of your own home.


How easy is it to use?


I usually lead a busy life. How long does each treatment take?

Our IPL treatments are not only painless but FAST and EFFECTIVE. Our larger 4.5cm2 spot flash area (which is suitable for big and small areas), helps you complete a larger area of hair removal in a shorter period of time

Here’s how long each area of your body is expected to take:


Why no other “at home” IPL treatment compares to ours?

The Naked Skin Company handset utilizes “CORE PATENTED LIGHT” Technology. It provides clinically proven POWERFUL LIGHT technology that professional dermatologists and salons use, achieving faster results and optimizing personal treatment in the privacy and comfort of your own home. How our Naked Skin Company IPL Hair Removal Handset compares to other devices:


Is IPL safe to use?

Intense Pulsed Light treatment has existed for more than a couple of decades and has a proven track record of safety. It provides light, which is set or focused on varying wavelengths. It is not a therapy based on radiation or UV lights, which is why it does not cause harm of any sorts. It also assists in helping detect skin diseases. Unlike other devices our unique product also comes with salon grade custom made eye glasses which allows powerful delivery as well ensuring your safety and protection. Ensure that you follow our safety precautions and instructions in our leaflet provided and enjoy permanent and painless hair loss and all other IPL benefits safely in the comfort of your own home.


Is the treatment painful?

The Naked Skin Company IPL handset is safe and painless. Some clients describe both a warm and tingling sensation that last for a few seconds, This reaction is normal and disappears in a few seconds, with a decreases following continued use. Most importantly IPL also provides a more effective and permanent solution to remove unwanted hair in comparison to other more uncomfortable methods such as shaving, plucking, epilators or waxing.


How often do I need to use it for and how soon can I expect seeing results?

You should use your handset only once a week for the first twelve (12) weeks. After this initial period, you may only need to use the treatment when you desire so as to inhibit further regeneration ie every 1-3 months / or until satisfied. Results do vary from person to person, most customers begin to see full results rapidly in the first two to three weeks.


Why Our IPL Handset lasts more years than any other device on the market?

The Naked Skin Company’s Premium IPL hand device is incomparably the best product on the market. Unlike other devices, our handsets offer a state-of-the-art new generation QUARTZ material lamp that delivers over 400,000 flashes. Nearly triple our competitors normal glass lamps and potentially provides up to 20 years of beauty care.


Most “at home’ IPLs have a limited lifespan. What happens when my Naked Skin Company IPL flashes runout?

All our lamps are replaceable giving you the ultimate cost-effective solution. Unlike other devices you can just replace the lamp when finished. So there is no need to discard your hard earned money on an expensive new device.


Why our advanced IPL “no waste” energy light technology saves you even more money?

Our CORE PATENTED “closed type” no-waste energy light technology, provides a deep flash window that not only makes our light source more concentrated but enhances the effect of hair removal. Other Low energy devices come short with shallow flash windows, easy to burn skin situations and most importantly poor hair removal that requires more flashes to see the job done.


Most “at home” IPL don’t have flash counters, does this one?

Our HIGH DEFINITION “Touch Screen LCD” display helps you count away each flash whilst effectively allowing you to count and administer each application without wasting unnecessary flashes.


Which areas of the body can I actually use my IPL handset on, and is my IPL power adjustable?

You can use the handset on most areas of your body (except for sensitive areas around your eyes). Our IPL also comes with two treatment modes (one for precision areas and the other for larger straight forward areas).

Our IPL comes with a unique 5 energy level gradient that allows you to adjust energy levels according to your different needs and parts of your body. A patch test can always be applicated prior to any treatment commencing; whilst also utilising the device at its lowest energy levels. This will help give you an indication as to the likely efficacy of the IPL hair removal on any desired area.


On which part of the body should I not use my IPL on?

Do not use any IPL device on scalp, eyebrows or anywhere near or around the eyes. Using the device in these areas may damage the eyes. Never look directly at the light coming from the treatment area. Unlike other devices we provide you with salon grade custom made glasses to ensure your eyes protection. If pigmented skin such as birthmarks, beauty spots, moles, freckles and warts, tattoos and permanent makeup are present in the area you want to treat, you can use an OPAQUE WHITE MAKEUP PENCIL to assist in covering them and then proceed to go around the areas These pencils are also available from the Naked Skin Company and are sold separately. Ensure that you follow our safety precautions and instructions in our leaflet provided and enjoy permanent and painless hair loss and all other IPL benefits safely in the comfort of your own home.


Do I need to use any other hair removal methods before or during IPL treatments?

Immediately before treatment; we recommend that you shave any desired areas that you intend to IPL.

In between treatment periods; only shave when required.

Do not utilise methods such as plucking, epilating or waxing. Doing so would remove the entire hair root and leave your IPL device with no target or “hair root” to absorb light to and then destroy.


Is there an explainer video?


Do you have any buy now and pay later option?

Yes we do! We recommend buying using Afterpay, which lets you pay in fortnightly payments. BUY NOW

Does my IPL work on all Skin Tones and Hair Colours?

IPL works on most skin tones and hair colours. Check the charts below to see if IPL is suitable for you.
This product works best on darker hair and lighter skin.
Please refer to the chart below to see if our product is suitable for your skin tone and hair colour.


How old should I be to use IPL?

It is recommended not use this device unless you at least 16 years of age.


What happens if I am pregnant or breastfeeding, can I still use my IPL handset?

Please do not use this device while pregnant or breast feeding. Although there have been no adverse findings or evidence contrary to using the device while pregnant or breast feeding, we always endorse caution and recommend refraining from using this product. As always and in all such cases if in doubt please always consult your physician at all times.


Can I use my IPL handset on moles, beauty spots, freckles, warts, or birthmarks?

Please do not use this device on pigmented skin such as birthmarks, dark brown or black spots, beauty spots, moles, freckles or warts, If these are present in the area you want to treat, you can however use an OPAQUE WHITE MAKEUP PENCIL to assist in covering them, and then proceed to go around the areas. These pencils are also available from the Naked Skin Company and are sold separately.


Is it safe to use IPL over tattoos or any form of permanent makeup?

Please do not use this device on tattoos or any form of permanent makeup. If these are present in the area you want to treat, you can however use an OPAQUE WHITE MAKEUP PENCIL to assist in covering them, and then proceed to go around the areas. These pencils are also available from the Naked Skin Company and are sold separately.


Can I use IPL before or after tanning or being in the sun for a long period of time?

Please do not use this device if your skin has been artificially or naturally tanned; or has suffered damage from sun exposure during the past 4 weeks.


Is there any other time that I shouldn’t use my IPL?

Please do not use IPL if:

  • You have a history of skin cancer or pre-cancerous lesions.
  • You have skin conditions in the treatment area that include psoriasis, vitiligo eczema, herpes simplex or any active infections or wounds.
  • You have light hypersensitivity or diseases to light.
  • You suffer from epilepsy.
  • You have electronic medical machine plants in your body that maintain your life; such as a pacemaker / artificial heart lung.
  • You have undergone or received and radioactive therapies or chemotherapies in the last 3 months.
  • You use medicines or astringents that cause light sensitivity.
  • In all such cases and if in doubt please always consult your physician before use. Your safety and comfort are always our utmost concern.


What does my Naked Skin Company IPL Hair Removal kit come with?


Is my IPL handset electronically powered and what other specifications may I find useful?

Our IPL come with a quality assured 12 Volt power supply. Here is some more information on our product.


What happens if my device is faulty?

All our products come with a guaranteed 12-month manufacturer’s warranty.


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