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      (i) Refunds:

      Results can depend on many factors which can include skin tone, hair colour, hair growth cycles, hormones, amount of treatments and the way your body responds to IPL. Naked Skin Company does not guarantee the same results from person to person and therefore are not able to refund any purchases unless the product is faulty. 

      Please note: We do not do returns on change of mind, or if the product was purchased incorrectly, or if you cannot use the machine due to medical reasons so please ensure that you read our faq section to make sure the product is right for you.

      We also insist on checking with your local Doctor if you are unsure.

      We also do not accept refunds if you are sensitive to IPL Treatments or if you find the treatment painful as everyone’s threshold to pain may vary.

      If not sure before purchasing please patch test or try an IPL device at your local clinic first.

      (ii) Faulty Product

      In the unfortunate event your handset is faulty, we ask you to send a short video showing the problem. We will replace all faulty items with a new item that is within the 12-month warranty period as long as the product was used as directed.

      Products found faulty due to mishandling or misuse will not be covered by warranty.

      If the item is faulty we will instruct you to send the faulty item back. You will not be responsible for paying for returning your item as instructed by our customer service team via standard post. All other previous Shipping costs however are non-refundable.

      Please read instructions carefully and thoroughly before using this product. For all support questions or warranty claims please send an email to info@nakedskincompany.com


      (i) Money Back Guarantee Policy and refunds:

      The following conditions express how to claim your money back using our 90 Day Money back Guarantee warranty.

      Naked Skins Smooth Skin IPL Handset must have been purchased from an authorised Naked skin Company retailer or our online store www.nakedskincompnay.com  between 12.00am AEST 1 Sept 2018 and 11.59pm AEST on 31 December 2020.

      (ii) Conditions to follow:

      You must ensure than with 48 hours of receipted delivery of the handset that an email is sent to customer care @ info@nakedskincompany.com

      The email must contain the subject header "90 Day Money-Back Guarantee" with the following in the email body stating: “I  (your name as per delivery) of ( your address) consent to Naked Skin Company’s 90 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee terms and conditions (as stated below); and shall only return the handset based on the following conditions:

      (a) That I purchased the handset was purchased from an authorised Naked Skin Company retailer or our online store www.nakedskincompnay.com  between 12.00am AEST 1 Sept 2018 and 11.59pm AEST on 31 December 2020. I have made all enquiries to ensure that the retailer was an authorised seller.

      (b)  I have taken a picture of the treated areas from where the handset was applied upon my skin at the end of each week (ie each treatment), for a period of 10 weeks. This has been for a minimum period of 10 weeks and consist of 10 photos after 10 treatments being from the time of receipt of the handset. In doing so I confirm I have used the Handset for at least 70 Days from date of receipt, but for no more than 90 days.

      (c) I ‘am not completely satisfied by the performance of the Handset, and herby send an email to a customer care representative on info@nakedskincompany.com providing photos attached and the reason for its return.  

      (d) Approval of the return of the handset is at the complete and total discretion of Naked Skin Company and such return must comply with the above Clause 1 “Return Policy General conditions” above. Any request for return that is incomplete or inconsistent with these conditions will not be applicable for a return and shall be deemed invalid.

      (e) If the return is approved, I agree to return the Handset (in its original packaging) via a trackable mail service no later than 100 days from date of purchase to the address provided by Naked Skins customer care representative.

      (f) All postage costs for the return of the Handset are the full responsibility of the Claimant (unless faulty).

      (g) Once all conditions have been met and upon return of Naked Skins Handset to the said address provided by customer service, then Naked Skin Company shall ensure that the purchase price will be refunded to the claimant.